Energy is considered to be one of the major elements of development, and can act as an indicator to assess the rate of growth and economic development. International forecasts show that global energy demand is increasing with a consistent momentum and in the next 20 years, global energy consumption will rise by more than %50. Therefore, the emerging theory of intelligent buildings and the necessity to control energy consumption in large buildings can be traced back to several years ago. This theory has led to many researches concerning design and development of this type of building with the goal of reaching the maximum energy efficiency for smart infrastructures.

First level: By the local controllers (hardware) the management of each area is assigned to one of the local controllers.

Second level: central software controls the entire local fire alarm systems, cameras and access control systems.

Building Automation System (BAS) department was established in Kerman Tablo in 2006.BAS has accomplished essential and immense experiences in design, consultancies and after sale services due to the implementation of different projects, in providing cooperation of the highest level in terms of consultancy to governmental and privately owned organizations.

Building Management system works on two levels:

Due to the breakdown of management control levels, done by the software system of the central and local control, the local controller can continue its activities even if the communication between local control and central software is disconnected, and can maintain the control of the related area. Therefore, there will be no gap in the building management.  Meanwhile, the communication interruption will be reported graphically by the central control software.

BAS system consists of:

-Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

-Access Control

-Fire Alarm

-Broadband over Power Line (BPL)

the software program, usually configured in a hierarchical manner, can be proprietary, using such protocols as C-bus. Besides, vendors are also producing BMSs that integrate using Internet protocols and open standards such as Device Net, SOAP, XML, BACnet, Lon Works and Modbus.  Such systems can be seen and utilized in: Chillers, Industrial Coolers, Boiler, Fan- Coil (Radiator) & Heater, Air Conditioner, Pump, Water Heater and Lighting.

Railway Solution

The Rail Transportation department of Kerman Tablo was inaugurated in 2008 with the goal of localizing the required technology. This business unit consists of technical experts who are fully capable of providing planning, engineering, procurements, commissioning and startingup of the electrical, control, instrumentation, communication and signaling portions of projects.

Due to the ability of this unit as a total solution provider in utilization of its related researches and experiences with the technical knowhow of its foreign partners and suppliers, KTC railway department is currently known as one of the major EPC contractors in this field.

In consideration of the overall company strategy, the Rail Transportation department of KTC has been providing its customers with different services in project management, planning, engineering, procurement, implementation and operation.

Following is a list of some activities and cervices of this department;


-Electrical Section: Power transformers, 63KV posts, LV & MV panels, compact panels DC switchgear -panels, DC & UPS systems, OCS system and third rail and dispatching systems

-Control & Signaling Systems: Due to the fact that this department is up to par with all international -standards and requirements it has the ability to provide its customers all required engineering and -equipment.

-Telecommunication, BMS , and Access Control systems

-As a recently established business this unit participates in a variety of tenders, potential projects. It’s -our monumental achievement to take part current power –feeding the project of line 3 of Tehran subway

Oil & Gas

Being a total solution provider and as a system integrator, the oil and gas department benefits from the KTC’s capabilities in design and production of low and medium voltage panels, DCS, ESD, F&G, PDCS and PMS, while acting as an EPC contractor in projects.

Following the fundamental values of Kerman Tablo in treasuring customers as its most important asset, Oil and Gas business unit has been accustomed to provide customers with outstanding project management, procurement, installation and commissioning in the following fields;

-Electrical & Power Tasks consist of power transformers, electrical panels, UPS & DC systems, ex

-Poison proof equipment, BUS- duct, cables,

-Earth systems and Cathodic protective -system.

-Control systems such as ESD, DCS, F&G, PMS -and PDCS


-Equipment’s’ system

Power Plant

The Power Plant Department technical experts have been providing customers with comprehensive solutions using internally developed Distribution Control System software (KTC-DCS) and products such as LV & MV switchgears and RTUs. Moreover, the engineers in this business unit are experienced in integrating other brands’ products such as ABB ADVANT- RRESY System, ABB ADVANT –IT 800 XA DCS, ABB RTUs and Siemens PCS7 DCS, within this department’s solutions.

This business unit is fully capable of providing support and services in the following fields;

This SBU is also capable of providing its customers with a general solution; from design to final steps of implementation of electrical, control and instrumentation for Hydro, Gas and thermal power plant, Water pumping stations and Mine Industry including steel and copper.

Project Management

Designing, manufacturing, installation, and implementation of distributed control systems(DCS)

Design, manufacturing, installation, and implementation of LV,MV ,MCC

Design, supply and installation of Fire alarm systems

Design, installation, and implementation of Protection systems

Design, installation, and implementation of Auxiliary Mechanical systems

Design, supply and installation of cabling and grounding systems

Design, supply and installation of RTU panels

Design, supply and installation of central clock system panels and time synchronization

Design, supply and installation of Mimic panels and equipment for control rooms and industrial networks


After sales services and warrantee

Design, supply, installation and implementation of project instrumentation

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