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Message from the Chairman

In today’s highly competitive business world, forward-looking management and technical competence play as significant a role, if not a more significant one, as does capital investment. Expert management invariably results in higher returns on capital investment and more efficient utilization of available human resources. It further results in closer-to-ideal quality levels for customers as well as economic growth and increased national wealth for nations. Without doubt, a higher level of economic power ultimately yields a more prosperous and enjoyable life for mankind in the global arena.

It is our firm belief that, in a country so rich in highly valuable intellectual capacity and mineral reserves as Iran, proper application of advanced management techniques would be an effective and necessary element of successfully transforming the country into a world-class economic power. We also believe that strengthening private institutions would accelerate the growth rate of national economy to achieve the agility needed to maintain competitiveness in the global market. Within the present system of Iran’s economic management, free and constructive activities by the private sector taking would, by intelligent advantage of the opportunities in the global market, be the most determinant factor in the growth of Iran’s economy.

Together with our family members, we at KTC have been experiencing a truly phenomenal growth rate. In our never-ending pursuit of excellence, we are approaching the next step in our plans for multi-directional expansion. We will strive to increase our share of the market at the global level, and if the experiences of our past is any indication, our stakeholders can rest assured that they will continue to enjoy growth as part of a large family rich with traditional values, state-of-the-art management and technological capabilities and, of course, a proven history of stable and sustainable financial growth.

Today, I feel more confident than ever to promise on behalf of KTC to continue to deliver “Solutions Without Boundaries”.

Nasser Heidari Nasab


Kermantablo is committed to provide the highest quality products, solutions and customers’ services. With over 30 years of experience in the market of electrical and electronic industry, KTC has proven to be a pioneer in localizing technology and helping customers to address different aspect of energy equation, from generation to consumption.

Management has been over 30 years from the beginning of our journey with the mission of design and development of Electrical and Electronic control software and hardware. We began our work with limited resources aimed toward providing our customers in oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries with total solutions of highest quality. Our mission is to become the number one brand in the region and among the top ten brands in the world within the next 20 years. To reach this great purpose, we rely on our valuable personnel and their growing knowledge and knowhow in different fields.Having to deal with professional customers with high expectations, weare constantly working on providing the best quality products and services at the lowest price.Our ultimate aim is to provide people with the highest quality solutions in order to deliver reliable services for wellbeing of society.

The factory of Kerman Tablo Corp. with an area of 16000 square meters is located in the historic province of Kerman in the south-east of Iran. The factory has more than 300 employees including %30 experts and %70 technicians in its two main divisions of Electronics and Panel Manufacturing. In addition it comprises R&D, sales, design and engineering departments for supporting orders and EPC projects.

The Panel manufacturing factory, equipped with modern CNC metal work machinery, continuous electrostatic powder paint system, and high voltage laboratory test equipment, is capable of manufacturing a wide range of different types of panels and switchgears in accordance with IEC standards.

The Electronic production lines consist of the latest SMT technology and surface mounted components which are completely mechanized. KTC is capable of assembling electronic boards with the best quality at the highest speed.

The factory’s main products are as follows:

  • -Low voltage panels in fixed and withdraw able types,
  • -MCC panels in fixed and withdraw able models
  • -MV switchgears in fixed and withdraw able models
  • -Control Switchgear;
  • -Compact substation (CSS)
  • -Remote control unit panels (RTU);
  • -Automatic voltage regulator panels (AVR)
  • -Protection panels
  • -Digital Meter (Single & three phase)
  • -VME Cards (Input /Output)
With over 30 years of experience, Kerman Tablo's Power Strategic Business Unit (SBU) combines a rich heritage and extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing with the relentless desire for perfection. It is ranked among the top three MV and LV switchgear manufacturers in Iran, and is certainly one of the most experienced and capable companies in this field. Since first day, KTC have had a tight focus on engineering design and development in order to produce the absolutely best quality which effort is well reflected in its track record. To its credit, KTC have accomplished some of the most prestigious installations in oil, gas, petrochemical, power plants, power substations, water as well as other major industries. Kerman Tablo's goal has always been offering every client the maximum levels of safety, quality and reliability attainable. In KTC every order is accommodate with highly customize solutions to ensure fulfillment of specific installation requirements down to the smallest detail and in full compliance with national and international standards.
In 1998 few well established companies, and among them Kerman Tablo, were chosen by Iran's ministry of power for the sole purpose of designing and development of instrumentation control systems of power plants. The Power Plant department of Kerman Tablo was established in the same year and has been offering its engineering products and services in the power plant industry's market ever since. Having the essential knowhow and expertise for implementing the required modifications, in addition to the technical knowledge of the KTC's Automation Software (KTC-DCS) has enabled this Business unit to undertake projects at the lowest cost, with the highest quality and within a timely manner.
The Rail Transportation department of Kerman Tablo was inaugurated in 2008 with the goal of localizing the required technology. This business unit consists of technical experts who are fully capable of providing planning, engineering, procurements, commissioning and startingup of the electrical, control, instrumentation, communication and signaling portions of projects. Due to the ability of this unit as a total solution provider in utilization of its related researches and experiences with the technical knowhow of its foreign partners and suppliers, KTC railway department is currently known as one of the major EPC contractors in this field. In consideration of the overall company strategy, the Rail Transportation department of KTC has been providing its customers with different services in project management, planning, engineering, procurement, implementation and operation. Following is a list of some activities and services of this department;
  • Electrical Section: Power transformers, 63KV substations, LV & MV panels, compact panels DC switchgear panels, DC & UPS systems, OCS system and third rail and dispatching systems
  • Control & Signaling Systems: Due to the fact that this department is up to par with all international -standards and requirements it has the ability to provide its customers all required engineering and equipment.
  • Telecommunication, BMS , and Access Control systems
Relying on its knowledgeable engineers and highly competent managers, KermanTablo has established its oil and gas department in1999 with the primary aim of satisfying customers' requirements and presenting solutions in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Based on this goal the department has been successful to further improve its abilities in the fiels of designing, procurementing, commissioning and startup of the electrical, control, instrumentation and communication portions of projects. Having essential technical knowhow and expertise in design and manufacturing required products and software for oil and gas projects have been enabled this department to customize its solutions to meet customers' requirements and reach utmost satisfaction in terms of cost, quality and timely project delivery.
Electronic Business unit started its work as a small department in Kerman Tabalo in 1998 and has been growing ever since.Today this Strong unit employs over 100 personnel and has successfully been able to manufacture various versions of single phase and three phase meters by employing the highest caliber of talented Iranian engineers. The knowledge and knowhow of engineers and experts in this unit has enabled KTC to further improve its products according to latest technology and move from developing digital meters towards designing smart meters. Meanwhile, successful experiences in Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) has led Electronic business unit to conduct vast researches on design and development of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).
Through the successful implementation the SCADA system for Ahwaz power Sub-transmission network in 1991, the dispatching business unit of Kerman Tablo was established. Having experienced specialists with high technical knowledge and background, this department set out with the aim of developing an internal (local) SCADA Software and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). Within the past 20 years this department has been able to utilize its own internally designed and manufactured RTUs and SCADA software in verity of important projects. Kerman Tablo's dispatching department prides itself in being the strongest active EPC contractor in this field within the country. One of the exclusive proudes of Kerman Tablo is its capacity to customize its products, both in terms of software and hardware, in order to meet customer needs and requirements. KTC's extensive engineering competence to exploit internationally renowned brands and products has given it the opportunity to provide total solutions related to SCADA, telecommunication and instrumentation fields. Furthermore, KTC's capability in designing and manufacturing switchgears in the fields of control, power and instrumentation leads to cost reductions in EPC projects due to use of KTC's Manufacturing facilities. Knowing the importance of customer satisfaction, the engineering team of KTC is constantly at the disposal of its customers every step of the way; from project initiation to final implementation and beyond. This is achieved through providing services such as consultancy, design, project management, and after sales services.
KTC-DCS system is modular hardware and software system based on VME-BUS and IEC61131-3 standard and since it consists of windows based operating system, it can be easily used on computers. Designing control processes in user-friendly environment, enable engineers and operators for implementing required logics and processes quickly and easily. Such features have made us the pioneers in industrial control systems in the country.KTC DCS is a powerful, reliable and integrated Distributed Control System (DCS) designed for a vast range of industrial automation and process control applications which provide users the ability to utilize,implement and maintain automation systems easily and conveniently. KTC-DCS consists of user friendly functions and features and since it has been designed based on international industrial standards, the hardware and software of KTC-DCS system is reliable and integrable with hardware and software of other systems. This product is suitable for a vast verity of industries such as cement, power plant, Gas turbo compressor stations, petrochemical etc.
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