Client: National Iranian Gas Company NIGC
Consultants: Oil Turbo compressor engineering company
Location: Assaluye, Khormooj, Sardasht, Abpalchsh
General Contractor: Oil turbo compressor engineering company
Status: Site Acceptance Test(SAT)
Transmission of Sour Gas of Aghajari Wellhead Area for Gas Injection
Plant Characteristics:
The dry gas is transported 500Km 56” pipeline for injection into the AGHA-JARI reservoir,
2 GCS located in phase 6.788 & 3 other GCS located along the pipeline,
KTC Scope of work:
Power transformers, MV switchers, LV switchers & MMC & Capacitors. Aux, dist., panel, alarm panels, power management system, lv bus duct, dc & ups systems, EEX lighting (fixtures & socket outlet), normal lighting system, all lighting panels, lighting & earth systems, EEX j.b & glands, cable tray and ladders, EEX and normal local control station, conduits, neutral ground

Persian Gas refinery and power plant

Client: Iranian Gas Engineering and Development
Company (IGEDC)
Location: Lamerd
General Contractor: FARAB Co.
Status: In progress
-Power Management System (PMS)
-Power Distribution Control System (PDCS)
-Distributed Control System (DCS)
-Load Sharing, Unit commitment, Automatic Generation Con—.trol (AGC) and Frequency control
-Power study such as: Load flow, Short circuit, Motor –.starting,Contingency analysis, Stability analysis, Protection and ….Relay Coordination
-Intelligent and optimal Load Shedding
-Synchronizing between units and main bus ties
-Dynamic simulation of Power Plant and Refinery
Plant Characteristics:
Parsian Gas Treating Company has built six Gas Turbine
Generators (GTG). is working in Island and parallel mode
with national grid.
KTC Scope of work:
-supervisory on Commissioning and Installation
-fAT & SAT

SCADA of IOOC Offshore & Onshore Platforms

Contractor: KTC
Status: Under Progress
SCADA of IOOC Offshore & Onshore Platforms within the Persian Gulf area including Kharg, Bahregan, Sirri & Lavan districts and Tehran.
Plant Characteristics:
-SCADA System, Historian & Web Servers
-ICSS(ESD) System includes monitoring and control of
RTUs on wellheads & Production Platforms
-Radio Communication System
-CCTV System
-PV & other supply Systems
KTC scope of work: EPC

NIGC SCADA system Hardware and software

Client: National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)
Consultants: Matn Co
Location: 11000 Km GAS Pipeline. The whole territory of Iran
General Contractor: Consortium of KermanTablo and
Cegelec Companies Leading by Kerman Tablo Co.
Status: Hand over to client
Objective: SCADA system Hardware and software
Plant Characteristics:
-2 Redundant Dispatching Centers
-35 Sub-Master SCADA Centers
-342 RTUs including Refineries, Compressor stations,
-LBVs, City Gate Stations, Export Stations, Industries
Key Data:
-11,000 km gas pipeline network
-30,000 data points
-Multi-level Dispatching Hierarchy in three Levels
Communication Media Types:
-Digital Leased Line
-Analog Leased Line
-Dialup Line

27 October
The 12th International Electricity Exhibition of IRAN
18 September
License for Inductrial Automation & IT
28 May
2nd Internatinal Railway Exhibition
19 May
Kermantablo in Southern Pars 20th & 21srt Phases