Tehran Power Sub-Transmission Network

Client: Tehran Regional Power Company
Consultants: Monenco Consultant Engineers
Location: Tehran City- Capital of Iran
General Contractor: KTC
C&I Contractor: KTC
Status: FAC, Hand over to client
Establishment of a system controlling and supervising east North,East South and West South of Tehran including fifty (50) Power substations.
Plant Characteristics: Tehran regional power distribution network contains seven (7) Sub master and one (1) master dispatching center(s).Kerman Tablo is responsible for commissioning three centers & linking between them.
KTC Scope of work:
Design, manufacturing & installation of 50 RTUs.
Design, manufacturing & installation of 3 control centers.

27 October
The 12th International Electricity Exhibition of IRAN
18 September
License for Inductrial Automation & IT
28 May
2nd Internatinal Railway Exhibition
19 May
Kermantablo in Southern Pars 20th & 21srt Phases