LV Switchgear

KTC-LVKTC-LV series comprise of low voltage switchgear and control gear which can be used both in utility and industry applications. Their uniform and modular design makes them suitable for various applications.

General types of KTC-LV series are as follows:

  • Withdraw able/fixed incoming feeder up to 6000 A
  • Withdraw able/fixed sub-feeder with fused load break-switches up to 630 A
  • Withdraw able/fixed motor control starters with either Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) or fused load-break switch as main circuit interrupter, up to 250 kW

Some of the main features of KTC- LV are as follow:
  • Separated and isolated bus bar compartment to increase operation safety
  • Separated and isolated cable compartment
  • Uniform drawer eases any line-up combinations design
  • Choice of different type of main circuit interrupter (MCCB or fused load break switch)
  • Uniform cubicle design for LV distribution / MCC and Withdraw able/fixed applications

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