Automatic Voltage Regulator

AVRAutomatic Voltage Regulator is an instrument which is installed in electrical substations in order to control the output voltages of the transformers.  It controls a motor driven on load tap changer and displays voltage, tap, and current and power factor on seven segments LCD.

Some of the AVR Main features are as follow:

  • Voltage Regulating Relay KT30 Series Micro processor Controlled
  • Line drop and Z compensation
  • Voltage setting remotely controllable (3 load shedding inputs and 4-20 mA input signal)
  • Internal computation to minimize circulation current of parallel transformers (parallel card is not required, only in KT30P series)
  • Basic controls such as auto/manual, individual/master/parallel, manual tap rising, and manual tap lowering etc. (only in KT30T series)
  • Compliance with IEC60255-5: 2000-12, IEC —255-21: 1986-16, EN55011: 1998 +A1: 1999

AVR Relay Technical Info
AVR Relay Technical Info

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