SCADA Hardware


A RTU, Remote Terminal Unit is an industrial computer which interfaces objects in the physical world to a DCS or SCADA system by transmitting telemetry data to the system and/or altering the state of connected objects based on control messages received from the system.
The RTU provides intelligence in the field, and allows the central SCADA master to communicate with the field instruments. It is a standalone data acquisition and control unit. Its function is to control process equipment at the remote site, acquire data from the equipment, and return the data to the central SCADA system.
As an EPC contractor, KTC provides various solutions for SCADA projects using different RTUs; its own internally developed products or every other brand’s proper RTU.

Persia RTU

The KTC Persia is a powerful VME Bus based RTU offering real time process communication and leading edge telemetry functionality. It is a powerful networking communicator for data transfer and application specific protocols. It allows supervision and control of the process from control center.

In WAOC (West Area Operating Center) and NAOC (North Area Operating Center) and TRDC (Tehran Sub-Transmission SCADA Project) different number of this RTUs were installed and have been working properly.

The powerful KTC PersiaC Controller system is powered by Linux. The PersiaC Embedded Controller is competitive with Industrial PCs in performance, and it costs much lower. The system provides VGA and PS/2 keyboard/mouse for local visualization and management. User control programs and data can be saved in persistent storage via Compact Flash and USB interfaces.
PersiaC has capacity to support a function of concentrator in terms of telecommunication. Indeed, it has ability to be a telecommunication node with respect to the Control Center in order to relieve the number of telecommunication lines between the field equipment and the Control Center.

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