Compact Substation (CSS)

CS 24/36 is a series of outside-operated compact secondary substations for up to 36 kV volts.
These series are designed and manufactured by KTC to withstand different operating requirements and various environmental conditions.

The unit is a fully-equipped package substation that includes outdoor housing, medium voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low voltage panel, and internal wiring for lighting on all compartments. As such, only the incoming cables need to be connected at the site and the site works are kept to an absolute minimum.


Some of the main features & advantage of CSS-KTC are as follow:

  • Walk in / Non-walk in substations
  • Versatile Design for harsh environments
  • Flexibility in selecting the required LV & MV equipment
  • Completely galvanically insolated compartments
  • IP43 for the LV & MV compartments, IP23 for transformer compartment
  • Easy lifting means via ‘eyes’ fixed on the roof
  • MAIN LV & MV equipment customizing
  • Double roof with air insulation
  • Heat run tested to class 10 according to IEC 61330
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Optional SCADA system interface
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