SCADA Package

The KTC SCADA package is a powerful, state-of-art, flexible, distributed Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. It is a leading standard software package for SCADA systems. This package has been developed during the past 20 years by combining Kerman Tablo’s expertise in SCADA systems with the requirements of the industry.

The KTC SCADA is built around industry standards, opens interfaces and protocols, making it a prominent open system and one, can easily integrate with third party systems. This package provides organizations with critical information, enabling them to improve their overall business performance. It is extremely versatile and scalable SCADA software and its innovative scalable architecture allows your system’s architecture to grow with your requirements, while preserving your initial investment.

Here are some advantages and features of KTC SCADA Software:

  • Open standards such as ODBC and OPC
  • Versatile, scalable and flexible architecture
  • Advanced user interfaces
  • Distributed, real-time databases
  • Multiple open hardware and software platform support
  • Redundant servers with automatic fail over
  • Redundant data highway (LAN) and remote communications
  • SQL data interchange
  • Logic and Custom Control
  • Time-stamped history data recording and trending
  • Trends, Graphs, Events and Historical Archive
  • VBScript/Jscript language support
  • Systems Integration
  • Reliability and Quality
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