Khatoon Abad Copper

Client:  National Iranian Copper Industries Company
Location: Kerman Province- West East PartofIran
General Contractor: Kerman Tablo Co. KTC
C&I Contractor: Kerman Tablo Co. KTC
Status: Finished

Developing SCADA system of Khatoon Abad copper mill Power distribution network.

Plant Characteristics:
Khatoon Abad copper mill power distribution network With One 63kv, four 10.5 kV substations

 KTC Scope of work:

  • design, manufacturing & installation of about one Thousand (1000) intelligent Power meter
  • design, manufacturing & installation of 5 RTUs
  • design, manufacturing & installation of a control center so that all hardware. components and computer network are redundant and each workstation connects to two monitors.
27 October
The 12th International Electricity Exhibition of IRAN
18 September
License for Inductrial Automation & IT
28 May
2nd Internatinal Railway Exhibition
19 May
Kermantablo in Southern Pars 20th & 21srt Phases