Kashan Water Transfer Pipeline

Client: Esfahan Regional Water Company (ERWC)
Consultants: Rey-Ab Consultant Eng. Co.
Location: Esfahan(Zayandeh-Rood) to Kashan water transfer line
General Contractor: KTC
Status: Test & Commissioning

SCADA system Hardware and software & Local Control.
Plant Characteristics:
A Redundant SCADA Center well-equipped with a six-cube
Large Scale Display
21 RTU/PLC’s for data gathering and redundant controling for12
stations including Reservoirs Stations, Pressure Reduction
Stations, Pump House Station and Water Treatment Station
10 LHMI for local monitoring
Key Data:
300 km water transfer line
2000 data points
Local control in 12 interacting stations including flow control
and level control in high pressure conditions
KTC Scope of work: EPC

Abadan – Khoramshahr Irrigation Water Supply

Client: Khouzestan Water & Power Authority
Consultants: Mahab Ghods
Location: Khouzestan Province- West South of Iran
General Contractor: KTC
C&I Contractor: KTC
Status: Final Acceptance Certificate – Hand Over to Client
Control of river water against Salty Sea Water for irrigation of
date palms gardens ( 28000 Hectares)
Plant Characteristics:
Transferring water from KARUN to BAHMANSHIR in a capacity
of 120 C.M. per second for feeding Torreh Bokhah P.S. & pushing
back sea water from Bahmanshir river. Torreh-Bokhah P.S. feeds
twenty two secondary ( pump stations ) by a closed canal.
Secondary is foreseen to deliver water to date palms gardens.
KTC Scope of work:
Engineering of electrical and control system.
Medium voltage 36 KV switchgears.
Low voltage 660 V MCCs & distribution 0.4 KV panels .
Emergency power supplies, fire detection, diesel generator sets.
Computerized control systems with radio links .
Salinity measuring points & other physical parameters.

27 October
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18 September
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28 May
2nd Internatinal Railway Exhibition
19 May
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