DCS Hardware

List of DCS Hardware by KTC

Redundancy Communication Modules: KT-REDUNDANCY is a communication module which is used in CPU-rack for sending/receiving data and status between CPUs.


Analog Signal Input HART Module: KT-AIH16 is 16 channels, Analog Input Card. All channels can be individually used as current input and they all support HART protocol with windows-based configurator software.


Digital Signal Input Module: KT-DI32 is a 32-channel Digital Input Card. Each channel can be individually used as Input to receive indication and display actual states of all input lines on the front panel LEDand support time-tag.


Analog Signal Input Module: KT-AI16 consists of 16 channels, Analog Input Card. All channels can be individually used as current or voltage input by specifying what configuration is needed, it can also be calibrated by windows application software.


Analog Signal Output Module: KT-AO16 is a 16-channel Analog Output Card; each channel can be individually configured to work in output current or output voltage mode. Therefore one of these seven modes can be used for specifying what configuration is needed and should be selected.


Resistance Temperature Detector Module: KT-RTD16 is a 16-channel Resistance Temperature Detector Card.This card detects 16 channels RTD in 3-wire mode by injecting 0.5 mA current to RTD lines and can be calibrated by windowsapplication software in 2 ranges.


Digital Signal Output Module: KT-DO32 is a 32-channel Digital Output Card. Each output channel also grants the benefit of read-back through the circuitry which provides a high level of integrity check during issuing output commands. It also supports open loaded detection.

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